Drum Tracks/ Rhythmic Loops/ Editing for $100

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Drum Tracks/ Rhythmic Loops/ Editing for $100

Locally working in Logic Pro X. Creating, mixing and providing different live drums and libraries of drum samples. I have a seperate in house drum studio detached from our home. I’ve worked with the Legendary John Fogerty, American Idol's Josh Gracin, Freddy Jones Band and many other Artists from country, blues to rock. I’m willing to work until our project is right.

  • Pop-Rock
  • Rockabilly
  • Americana
  • Pop
  • Country
  • Blues
  • Rock

Love Something

My band wrote this, produced, and mixed it.
  • Love Something
  • Dragonfly
  • RAW drumroom sounds
  • 2020 Quarantine Drum tones ( Maple Kit)

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