*August 2023 Renovated* Multitrack Drum Recordings for $45

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Miguel Tavares

*August 2023 Renovated* Multitrack Drum Recordings for $45

Last Updated: August 2023

Hi, I'm Miguel. I'm a 27 years old session drummer based in Lisbon, Portugal.

I have a background in music ever since I started playing the drums at the age of 13. As a teenager, I was already participating in concerts, studio recordings, radio and television shows, mostly playing rock/pop music. At the same time, I was having drum lessons with my drum teacher João Figueiredo (now the owner of Music Lab music school in Leeds), and Michael Lauren (a New York Collective's founding member), who introduced me to Jazz.

At the age of 18, after finish a Jazz performance degree in the school "Hot Club Portugal" (HCP), I moved to London UK, where I graduated with Honors from the music university "The Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance" (ICMP).

After graduating, I was officially a professional musician living in London. I was mostly doing work as a session drummer for various artists in many different genres (Rock, Pop, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Blues, etc).

At the end of 2020, after 7 years of being a professional musician, and when the world stopped with the pandemic, I moved back to Portugal, where I now have a studio set-up to play and record drums as much as I'd like, and so I'm reopening my service to remotely record drum tracks again.


Feel free to check my youtube channel, my most recent cover was recorded in this studio: https://www.youtube.com/miguelmusic123

You can also check my Souncloud, where I have examples of other recordings I've completed through AirGigs: https://soundcloud.com/miguelmusic123

The platform i update the most by far is Instagram, so you can also check me out there: https://www.instagram.com/miguelmusic123/

Drum Gear:
Taye Panasonic 20" 10" 12" 14"
DW PDP Walnut Snare 14"x6,5"
Meinl Byzance Sand Hats 14" (Benny Greb Signature)
Sabian OMNI Crash/Ride 22" (Jojo Mayer Signature)
Soultone Extreme Crash 18"
Soultone FXO Crash 17"

Studio Gear:
I'm using a Tascam 16x08 Interface and the T-Bone DC1500 microphone kit set for the full drum kit.
Running Logic Pro X.

  • Soul
  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock
  • Jazz
  • Funk

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