Studio Drum Tracking - Prog & power metal - drummer from HELION PRIME and LUNAR for $200

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Studio Drum Tracking - Prog & power metal - drummer from HELION PRIME and LUNAR for $200

Professional studio drum tracking - $200 for a single song (6 mins or less). I will do songs that are longer than 6 mins, but there will be an additional cost. Prices can reduce for more work than just single songs. Please contact for rates on multiple songs / albums.

I drum for the power metal band HELION PRIME (AFM Records) and the progressive metal band LUNAR (Divebomb Records). Metal / Rock are my forte, but I am a versatile player and can do other genres as well. I've done tracks in thrash, punk, classic rock, death metal and pop before as well.

I record everything out of my own home studio that is a specific room built from scratch with the sole intention of being a studio. For reference; I recorded the drums for many of the albums I’ve played on in this room.

I use my Tama STAR Bubinga kit for tracking. My setup includes a Behringer XR18 Air interface. I use a Mac Pro with Logic for my DAW. My mics are all high end Audix for recording the drum tracks.; i5 for the snare top, D2's on the snare bottom and first 2 rack toms, D4 on the biggest rack tom, D6's on my floor tom and kick drum, ADX51's for overheads and SCX-one's for spot mics on the main hi hats and ride & CX212B room mic. I proudly endorse and use TAMA Drums, Scorpion Percussion drum sticks, Groove Juice cleaners and Soultone Cymbals.

If you have programmed drums to your songs, I can match them if you want live drums exactly as you've programmed them, or I can put my own feel to them if you want it from more of a drummer perspective. Or if you don't have anything programmed, I can write the drum parts based on how you say you want them. Give any specific instructions that you want. I'll do whatever I can to make the song as you want it to be.

2 revisions included in the price if you're not satisfied with the tracks.

After the terms are agreed upon for a job, I do the track and will send you a sample to hear in MP3 format, then once you're satisfied I send you the raw drum stems. They are unedited / unmixed so you can have any engineer do what you want with them afterwards, or I can have them edited for an additional $50.

Please message me before booking a job to see what my schedule is like. Sometimes I have jobs booked up weeks or months in advance, so I want to make sure I can fit your job in my schedule and have it back to you in a time frame that works for you.

Feel free to contact me with any other questions. Thanks for looking at my profile!

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