Drum Tracks for $75

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Drum Tracks for $75

I can provide artists or bands with clean drum tracks.
I have an in house home drum room/studio setup.
I use 5 Shure sm57 mics for snare(top & bottom)/toms, beta 52 for kick drum, and 2 Lyx Pro condenser microphones for overheads.
I have a top of the line DW drum set and several different snares to choose from brass/wood.
Sabian & Zildjian cymbals.
Evans drumheads.

My process is simple -
Send me a track(if you already have drum ideas let me know what those are).
I will then lay down a rough drum idea, send an mp3 back to you, and we can make changes/bounce new ideas back and forth. I'm happy to repeat this process up to four times before laying down the final take. After I've laid down the final take I will begin editing/making sure all the drum tracks line up. Once payment is received I will upload all the individual drum tracks for you to download.

Thomas Drum Demo

Demo of my drum sounds.
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