Real Drums with feeling, time and great sound! for $90

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Real Drums with feeling, time and great sound! for $90

Hello My Name is Dario Esposito and I am a professional drummer, experienced in different musical generes and with a costant creative research in sounds and stilistic contaminations.

During my life I played with many projects, since I was 15 year old. I did a lot of recording sessions for different artists around the world, developing a great experience along the years and recording from Italian studios to the Village Studios in Los Angeles. I had also the pleasure to play in very big gigs and with famous artists.
I'm official endorser of Ludwig drums, Paiste cymbals, Remo drumheads and Vic Firth drumsitcks.

I always like to serve the music and to give great drum sounds, groove and music solutions in all the songs I'm involved in. I also love contaminations and mixing electronic and acousitc instruments, obtaining unusual sounds in the most commercial or experimental projects.

In my studio I have a great acoustic natural sound with an amazing room sound, with multiple room sound choices.
I also have Ludwig Black Beauty 14"x 6.5", Ludwig Supraphonic 14"x 5"(1966) and many other snare drums. 3 Ludwig drumkits of different sizes with 20", 22", 24" bass drums, modern and vintage drums, always with new Remo drumheads. Great cymbals collection of Paiste, from 2002Black Big Beats to Masters series. Neumann, AKG, Shure, Sennheiser mics and all Class A preamps.

I also Have a Roland V Drum TD9KX for any MIDI drums and electronic sounds played with an espressive feeling.

Normally artists and producers send me a track with or without a reference drum where I can play on. I prepare the right drum kit for the song, all the microphones setting. I create a drum arrangiament if my artistic contribution is necessary. Otherwise I play the drum as the client needs. After the record I send an MP3 to the client to verify his satisfaction. If all is ok, after the payment I can send up to 18separate drum tracks, from 44.100 to 192 khz of Sample Rate. If some revision are required, all the drums and microphone setup will be in the same position specially for the days after.

For any last minute request from composers you can always find a professional top drum kit mounted with top microphones and sound always set.

It's a very fast service and you can have your real drums from 2 to 5 days.

Rock Demo

Mix of collaboration betwin American, Serbian and Italian Rock productions
  • Rock Demo
  • Cinematica
  • Experimental Sounds
  • Jazz live studio session

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