Tastefully curated drum tracks. for $50

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Jordan Young

Tastefully curated drum tracks. for $50

"Jordan Young has impeccable feel and timing as a drummer, and I would recommend his tracks to anyone serious about laying down phat grooves!" -Remy Fasolati, pianist & recording artist.

Send my your songs, and I will lay down original beats for your project. I will send you up to 10 individuals recorded tracks ( kick, snare, toms etc.) in .wav file format unless specified. Also if you would like me to mix the drums, I will use my special recipe for drum mixing, to make them pump and stand out in a dense mix.

All recorded drum sound will come from my vintage 70's Gretsch Square badge kit with maple shells. the drum sizes are:

kick (20 x 16)
rack tom (13 x 10)
floor tom (16 x 16)
snare (14 x 6.5) aluminum

The cymbals are:
14" Soultone signature series hihats
18' Bosphorus Masters series crash
20" A Zildjian vintage crash ride
21" Sabian AAX stage ride

Shaker-dumbek beat

Close mic'ed and tight
  • Shaker-dumbek beat
  • Rock beat 87 bpm

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