Sandler Live Drum Tracks for $75

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Sandler Live Drum Tracks for $75

Hi friends! My name is George Sandler and I am a drummer/percussionist/programmer living and working in the metro Atlanta area. I offer fantastic live drum and percussion tracks as well as programmed loops when requested. My studio is fully equipped with great microphones, pre-amps and a large selection of vintage drum sets, snares and cymbals as well as a wide variety of percussion instruments. I offer 12 tracks of individual drum WAVs for your mixing and editing. Those tracks can either be raw WAV files or they can have some processing (EQ and compression) if you so desire. The main kit is a vintage 1970’s Pearl fiberglass kit but I also have a vintage Ludwig kit and a vintage Camco kit that makes their way into The Sandbox, my recording space. Snares? Oh yeah....everything from vintage Ludwig Supraphonics, Tama solid shell rosewood, some Radio Kings, Black Beauty, GMS, Yamaha and others in all sizes from 10” to 15”. Lots of great cymbal sounds as well as congas, bongos, djembe, dumbek and other REAL percussion. If you want loops, no problem! I’ve got TONS of samples including an 808 and a 909 library and everything else in between. Of course the 12 drum WAVs don’t include extra percussion tracks. If you want the additional tracks of percussion it’s included and adds to the number of tracks that you will have at your disposal. Fast turn around and my goal is always to make you happy!

I have been a professional drummer since the age of 12. I have done COUNTLESS number of sessions and want to serve YOUR music to the best of my ability. Some of the artists I have worked with are-

The Nelons
Myron LeFevre
TaRanda Greene
Buddy Mullins
Tim Wilson
T Graham Brown
Derek St Holmes
The Greene’s
Michael Combs....

to name but a few.

My usual mode of operation is to give you one great take of your song or songs. However, if you would like a different version to choose from I’m happy to do that but please be advised that it is an additional charge. Also I’m happy to give you two revisions free but after two revisions we need to chat about an additional charge. My goal is for you to be happy with the drums and percussion I provide. That’s why any and all thoughts you have with regards to the vibe and feel of the track are always welcome.

My rates are as follows-

$75 per song (12 tracks of drums along with either live percussion or programmed loops)
I do offer a discount if you want 9 or more songs (full project) recorded.

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