Live Acoustic or Electronic Remote Drum Tracks. for $130

In Drums By Junior Padilla

Live Acoustic or Electronic Remote Drum Tracks. for $130

I'm an endorsed (Bosphorus Cymbals) Drummer and certified audio engineer, music producer. My biggest asset is using my ears and heart to give the music what it's asking along with guidance from the writer/composers. The service offer is a fully produced drum track recorded in an analog meets digital studio. I've found that this give a unique sound to recordings and gives music a deeper soulful character.

List of gear Includes:
Custom Maryland Drum Company Set
Bosphorus Cymbals
Evans Heads
Audix, Sound Deluxe, Neuman, Shure Microphones,
Sound Craft B200 Console
Universal Audio, Apollo X8p, Apollo X4,
Software: Protools, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, Superior Drummer 3.

List of Credits:
Jaci Velasquez - Christmas Tour 2018
Alan J Bloom - Mentally Naked Album (Independent Artist)
Donnell Isaac - How Much I Feel - Classic Remake of Abrosia (Independent Artist)

JPADMUSIC Feat: Sharif Iman - No Longer Mine (Independent Artist) Single
Sarah Dawn: Heart Break Shuffle - (Independent Artist) Single
The Ryan Michaels Band - Torchure (Rock song for San Fransisco Giants/The MLB Network)

Tracks will be in WAV format 48k 24bit includes 1 revision if necessary.
Files will be sent via Dropbox or equivalent storage site.

If you want to add deep groove & soul to your projects both aurally and rhythmically I'm your guy!

  • Electronic

No Longer Mine ft Sharif Iman

Drums & Production.
  • No Longer Mine ft Sharif Iman
  • Heart Break Shuffle

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