Beat Instrumental Custom Full Rights for $150

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Beat Instrumental Custom Full Rights for $150

My team and I me make one or more instrumentals that you require for your artistic project, we do Pop, R&B, Trap, Hip-Hop, Synthwave/Retrowave, Reggaeton, New Dancehall, Afrobeat and any fusion of genres you have in mind, we bring it to reality If you are looking to scale the sound of instrumental music for your songs, this is the best service you could take since we are open-minded when it comes to creating something unique and different from what may already be in the music industry.

-Adjusted to the need (We will make an instrumental based on what you require for your artistic project).

-Fast time (besides me, I have a team of 5 specialized people to perform the service so delivery times are usually record).

-Incredible sound (We are committed to making your work sound great, not just for the money, it's because we want you to stand out for us to do it too).

-Three revisions (Although we think we don't need revisions, all our clients think in different ways, maybe move some sound from the chorus, or change the length of a verse, you have two opportunities that are more than enough to make a list of revision and then a list of final adjustments).

Pop Reggaeton (Example)

These samples are examples and are for sale but it is to give an idea of ​​the work we do
  • Pop Reggaeton (Example)
  • Pop Electro (Example)
  • Electro Urban (Example)
  • Synthwave 1 (Example)
  • Synthwave 2 (Example)
  • Pop (Example)
  • Drilltone 1 (Example)
  • Drilltone 2 (Example)
  • Drilltone 3 (Example)
  • Retrowave (Example)
  • Reggaeton 1 (Example)
  • Reggaeton 2 (Example)
  • Afrobeat 1 (Example)
  • Afrobeat 2 (Example)
  • Drill Fusion (Example)
  • HipHop (Example)
  • Drill (Example)
  • Trap 1 (Example)
  • Trap 2 (Example)
  • Trap 3 (Example)
  • Trap 4 (Example)
  • RnB (Example)
  • Club Banger 1 (Example)
  • Club Banger 2 (Example)

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