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Beat Production Service for $175


Get your customized beat!

Hello and my name is D Roc, I am a music producer, composer, singer, engineer and instrumentalist (keyboard) and I work with no genre restrictions (TRAP, HIP HOP, ROCK, JAZZ, ELECTRONIC, etc), mixing the styles that you think your song needs. I will adapt to your way of working: from references or just searching the sound that you are looking for and if you are not happy with the final result I will give your money back.
I can offer you a variety of services in order to advance quickly with your projects: a whole new beat? a composition? guitar solos? drums for a song?

Feel free to ask me any questions, hope we can work together!

My music has reached audiences across the world and I have thousands of followers across many social media platforms.

Here is a example of a beat I produced years ago before I started selling my service.

See my Soundcloud portfolio below for examples of my music!
Songs Featuring my Production:

For my own music releases, I have no limits, I infused Soul with Rock and Roll, Classic Pop with Swing Jazz and Trap with RnB. When producing for other people which has been over the past ten years I have created a range of styles, genres and moods - including trap, boom bap, drill, future bass, hyperpop, grime, house, and every other electronic genre you can think of.
If you need a beat, i can make it.


If you buy one of my beats you will receive a:

1. Contract (100% Commercial Use, split royalties with me and Shout Out/Acknowledge/Give recognition to and full production credits to me, D Roc)
2. Your Signature (To grant you a full "Exclusive License Agreement" this means you can monetise them, resell them, release as your own music, anything you want!)
3. Download (Fully Mixed & Mastered WAV File)

D Roc.

  • Hip Hop
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • R&B
  • EDM
  • Classical

Boom Bap Type Beat

Boom Bap, Old School and Sampled
  • Boom Bap Type Beat
  • Sampled Type Beat
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