Hip-Hop Music Producer - Music Production for $300

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Hip-Hop Music Producer - Music Production for $300

This service offers music production for hip-hop, rap, trap, pop, and r&b. If your track is missing that 808 sound, slappin' drums, tickling percussion, and that overall appeal, I got you. I will create modern drum patterns along with chords and melodies that align themselves with the feel of your lyrics and performance. If you're looking for a remix or re-creation of a song or beat, I'm your guy.

I've been producing and engineering professionally since 2005. I've created countless beats for clients over the years and have maintained a sizzle to keep up with today's beat-making industry.

The rate for this service is for Non-Exclusive Rights. Exclusive rights are welcome for discussion.

  • Hip Hop
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Rap
  • Trap
  • Soul

Atoul Remix Sample - Comparison

Performed by Zeyne; remixed by NOVAMAN
  • Atoul Remix Sample - Comparison
  • The Word Remix Sample - Comparison
  • Paper Check (Instr)
  • Late Night Buzz (Instr)
  • Run It Up (Instr)
  • Trappers Ballet
  • Yea Yea (Instr)

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