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Hi !

I offer you my services as a beatmaker, in order to produce an instrumental that suits you and inspires you to the fullest. I produce different types of instruments, including: Hip Hop, R&B, Drill, Trap, Sad Piano/Guitar...
If you are not happy with the end result I will give you your money back.

I will make you an instrumental in the style you want, the mix as well as the mastering of it. To do this, I would need you to send me 2-3 sounds / instrumentals in this style so that I can best meet your expectations.

As for the equipment I use, I'm on FL studio 20, I have Yamaha HS7 speakers and DT 770 PRO monitoring headphones. I would use my more than 3 years of experience and my many collaborations with artists (especially with my Youtube channel "DummkaProds") in order to satisfy you as best as possible.

Now that the introductions are done, we can start working together!

  • Hip Hop
  • R&B
  • Rap
  • Trap
  • Ambient
  • Latin

Yu_Gen - Prisonnier du Temps

Sound that I produced
  • Yu_Gen - Prisonnier du Temps
  • SOIR

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