Music Production for $500

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Music Production for $500

Wherever you are in the songwriting/production process, I'm here to help. Whether you have a vocal demo to produce around, or you just need additional production on your stuff, I can take it 100% of the way there or I can just do that final 10%. Most of my production is in the Pop/Hip Hop/R&B area, so check out some of the songs I've posted on here to get a sense of what I do.

I use a lot of analog synths (Juno 106, Prophet 6), and a Wurlitzer, so if. you want that extra fatness, I've definitely got it.

I think the # of revisions is a bit strange for this kind of work. I'll work until we get it right.

With your $500 comes a full mix, so the product I deliver will be ready for you to release at no extra charge.

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