Pro and awarded session bass-player Noveltone for $90

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Sam Bourne/Willem Rolf

Pro and awarded session bass-player Noveltone for $90

Sam Bourne is an experienced session musician and composer that offers custom-made music and instrumentation(s) for your production.

Sam graduated from the Brighton Institute of Modern Music and in 2004 became the SENA national guitar champion, playing the bass guitar. Since 2012, Sam provides custom-made session work for both amateur and professional productions.

- Price of 90 dollars is for 3 minutes of bass instrumentation.
- 1 free revision included.
- Music will be custom-made, to your wishes and the preferred style or sound
- Through Airgigs, we will communicate on the details, before we get started.

100% satisfaction guarantee. We keep working until you’re pleased with the result. You can check our reviews.

Fast and friendly communication. Everything is possible.

Orders include possible effects, EQ, mastering and revisions.

'In addition to being a top level composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist, Sam is a virtuoso guitarist. His skill, feel and experience give him a trademark sound that makes him stand out head and shoulders above the rest of the field.'
Vern Asbury

Message us for questions or further inquiries.

Kind regards,

Sam Bourne and Willem Rolf

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  • Pop
  • Funk
  • Soul
  • Jazz

Bass session work PRO

Bass session work PRO
  • Bass session work PRO

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