4 string and 5 string professional bass player for $75

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Adam Pumilia

4 string and 5 string professional bass player for $75

Professional bass player with over 20 years of experience. I have toured all over the country playing shows in small bars to big theaters such as the Fox theater in Oakland, California, Prospect Park bandshell in Brooklyn, NY and the Capitol Theater in Port Chester, NY. I recorded at the historic Bearsville Studios made famous by The Band and Bob Dylan. I also player bass for the New Jersey All State Jazz Ensemble as well as the Regional Ensemble. My gear consists of a 4 string American precision bass and a 5 string Yamaha TRBX605. My amplifier is a Darkglass microtubes 900 along with the matching 2X10 cabinet. I have an eclectic mix of effects pedals including the Walrus Audio Lore soundscape generator, Polyphonic Octave Generator, Colour Box pre amp, Source Audio C4 Synth, Walrus Audio Julia chorus, a Boss SL2 Slicer and a bass equalizer. I am also very proficient with an Ebow. I can make your track sound like Jaco Pastorius or a high flying 8 bit synth three octaves above normal bass. Whatever your needs I can deliver. I am an incredibly fast learner and can read music just as efficiently as learning by ear.

  • Americana
  • Ambient
  • Blues
  • Funk
  • Metal
  • Prog rock


  • Lola
  • Cici

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