Bass guitar and synth player for $79

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Assaf Peretz

Bass guitar and synth player for $79

A Rimon School of Music graduate.
As a skilled bass player and accomplished music producer, my expertise spans across various genres and styles, including Rock, Pop, Soul, RnB, Funk, Jazz, Latin, and numerous Middle Eastern variations.
I have had the honor of performing and producing music with the Funk band Albert Tales, touring Israel extensively and appearing at some of the largest venues and festivals in the country.
Through our signing with the esteemed British label Freshly Squeezed, our vinyls and CDs were distributed worldwide, bringing our music to countless fans.
As a bass player for hire, I have worked alongside esteemed artists such as Noa Kirel, Odeya, Tzlil Danin, Noam Klienstein, Guy and Yahel, Shlomi Alon and Guy Mar (Hadag Nachash), among many others.

Presently, I am actively involved in producing and arranging music for various independent artists, as well as composing scores for theater. Notably, I crafted the soundtrack for the off-Broadway play “Charlie,” created by Omer Tadmor.
My wealth of experience with mainstream genres and Middle Eastern music, combined with my ability to improvise and add unique, captivating elements to any song, make me a valuable asset in bringing a track to its fullest potential.
Moreover, my expertise in producing and arranging Funk and RnB music is noteworthy, with a keen ability to create groovy, memorable bass lines that perfectly complement an artist’s desired sound.
Overall, my professional experience and comprehensive knowledge allow me to see the bigger picture and create the ideal bass part for any given track.

I play electric bass as well as synths.
Here's a full list of my equipment:

Bass Guitars:

Vintage Fender Musicmaster (1974)
Fender Jazz Bass Deluxe FMT (2006)
A custom Maruszczyk Sputnik 5A (2012~)
Vintage Fretless Fender Jazz Bass (1983)
a really cheap Hofner-like bass (made in china, sounds amazing!)
Ibanez BTB

Moog sub phatty

Eden Terra-Nova 501
Eden Preamp

Plugins and VSTs:
Pretty much anything you can think about.

Cloud 9

By Made on earth. I played on their 2nd album.
  • Cloud 9
  • Tipsy
  • Lo Ratziti La'atzor

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