Pro Bass Guitar Tracks - Electric & Synth Bass for $39

In Bass By MysticVibrosis

Pro Bass Guitar Tracks - Electric & Synth Bass for $39

Experienced, friendly and very responsive bass player wants to add some irresistible and truly unique basslines to your records, any style, any genre.

My main goal is to provide you with an outstanding performance that will make your music sound and feel amazing. I'm extremely well versed in a wide variety of music, from Folk, Rock, Pop to Funk, Reggae, and Electronic genres.

Very comfortable with standard notation if you've got a specific part in mind, or if you're feeling stuck and want a bassline that will turn heads I'm more than happy to write a groove that sits nicely in the tune.

I love creating and crafting the perfect tone, from vintage flatwound fender P-Bass sounds to heavy picked rock. My main passion is using pedals and effects to create bespoke bass sounds that you wouldn't hear anywhere else. When we get started we can chat and figure out a tone and bass sound that works for you perfectly.

Be sure to check out my instagram for some clips

I'll provide you with a D.I. track, an amped track (through a Line 6 Helix preamp), and a track with any extra sauce, that will make mixing an absolute dream.

Send me your track, bpm and any notes/references/chord charts, and we'll create some amazing music together!

  • Electronic
  • Funk
  • Hip Hop
  • Rock
  • R&B
  • EDM

The Undercover Hippy - Not My Place

  • The Undercover Hippy - Not My Place
  • The Undercover Hippy - Breathe
  • The Undercover Hippy - Hippy Dude
  • The Undercover Hippy - Greed
  • Mount Nakara - Wilderness
  • Mount Nakara - Altitude
  • Mount Nakara - Heltaskelta
  • Mount Nakara - Nakara
  • Mount Nakara - Ventus
  • Mount Nakara - Wise Man

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