Fretless bass tracking for $100

In Bass By Dima Midborn

Fretless bass tracking for $100

I specialize in playing fretless bass and am ready to make your song or instrumental track sound as complimentary, beautiful, unusual and crazy as possible. Just the way you want it to sound.

If you want to discuss details with me, I am always at your service in messages and video chat. Don't hesitate to inbox me and talk about details.

If you are working with me for the first time, I am ready to give you a 10% discount on the custom offer. I also include subscription benefits, so if you're a subscriber, I'm willing to discuss those benefits.

1st ten clients will get 20% off

I'd be happy to make music with you.


Bass; Custom made 4 string fretless bass with aluminum neck.

DAW and rec. interface: Ableton, Roland Quad-Capture, Sans-AMP bass driver DI

Pedals: TC Electronics Corona Chorus, MXR Carbon Copy Delay, ZVEX Basstortion

  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Funk
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Electronic

Dima Midborn – Alone

A short song I recorded with my beloved fretless, kind of Japan/Mick Karn vibe here
  • Dima Midborn – Alone
  • Maxim Nazarov – Debussy
  • Moral Kiosk – Igra
  • Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer (cover)
  • Inturist - Forefather

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