Supreme Professional Bass Tracking for $120

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Josh

Supreme Professional Bass Tracking for $120

If you are looking for grooving, original, high quality bass lines look no further!

I am here to deliver you affordable bass tracks in a timely and professional manner.

I am a working bassist in NYC, on both electric and upright bass. I have been fortunate enough time play with many great musicians including: John Scofield, Chris Potter, Alex Sipiagin, Dap the Contract, Cab Ellis and many more!

5-String Fender Active Jazz Bass
5-String Fender Precision Bass
4-String Fretless Custom Bass
1860's Tyrollean Upright Bass
and a wide selection of effect pedals!

Recording Equipment:
Scarlett 18i20 Interface
Neumann TLM 102
Neumann KM 184
Daw: Logic and Abelton
Plug-Ins: Waves, Soundtoys, Native Instruments

  • Pop
  • Neo soul
  • Hip Hop
  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Folk

Dap the Contract- It's Alright

hip-hop, R&B
  • Dap the Contract- It's Alright
  • Kidbrass- Street Trees
  • Johnny Burgos- Billy Jean Cover
  • Cab Ellis LIVE
  • Leo Yucht- Cappuccino LIVE

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