Bassist/Vocoder Reginald Payne's Online Recording Sessions Can Send Files or Record Them Directly To Your Computer via for $100

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Bassist/Vocoder Reginald Payne's Online Recording Sessions Can Send Files or Record Them Directly To Your Computer via for $100

Hello I'm bassist Reginald Payne and I can record your bass/bass synth/vocoder tracks on my setup in 24bit/96kHz and then send it via dropbox in wav or aiff form or directly to your computer via I just need charts, audio files, or both if possible to learn your song and play it the way you want or I can add my own touch to the tracks if requested. I can complete tracks from 48 hours to 7 days max. 4 revisions included. I also have a full band "TRIBE INC"
Berklee College Of Music/Boston, MA Major: Bass/Professional Music with Concentration in Education North American Tour Scholarship (Full Tuition) Bowie State University/ Bowie, MD Major: Music Technology Full Music scholarship for Piano and Trombone Private Lessons David Marsh/ Bass Instructor at Georgetown University
• 6-String Electric Bass/ Bass Synthesizer/ Vocoder • Piano/ Organ/ Synthesizers • Music Director • Sight-Reading Chord Charts and Notation • Improvisation • Bass Sound Design (Everything from subtle lightly effected bass, dubstep, ambient pads, organ type synths, vocoder (Bass , Background, or Lead), guitar like sound, and more • Knowledge of Various Genres including Jazz, HipHop, Theatre, Rock, Country, Ambient, Fusion, Latin, Electronic and etc. • Conducting • Arranging • Composing • Knowledge of different techniques • Vast amount of effects (See Equip. List Below) • Knowledge of Logic Pro, Digital Performer, Mainstage, Guitar Rig 5, Amplitube 3, Finale, hundreds of plugins, and etc • Recording Capabilities in Stereo or Mono at 24bit and 96kHz or less ( I can record files in whatever format you would like me to send it or I can record directly to your computer via internet thru Equipment List • 6-String Ibanez Soundgear Bass • TC Electronic BH500 Amp Head w/BC410 Cab • TC Electronic BG250 Combo Amp w/15” Speaker and Tweeter • Zoom B3, MS-50g, and MS-60B Pedals • Electro-Harmonix Freeze, V256 Vocoder, and Bassballs Pedals • MXR Bass Envelope Filter Pedal • Eden WTDI Bass Preamp Pedal • Boss OC-3 Pedal • Digitech Istomp and Jamman Looper Pedals • Yamaha S90es and MoX6 Keyboards • Macbook Pro 15” Screen • Logic Pro 9, Digital Performer 6, Mainstage, • Hundreds of Plugins such as Guitar Rig 5, Amplitube 3, Camel Phat, POD Farm, and etc • Tascam Us-1800 Audio Interface • Line 6 UX2 Audio Interface • Avid M-Box Audio Interface • Alesis M1 Active MK2 Studio Monitors • Edirol MA10-D Desktop Studio Monitors • Various Microphones • Various Headphones

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  1. Review By: beevens Sep 20, 2017

    Reginald is the Man! , very Professional, Punctual, Empathic, Talented and disciplined.
    I am very please with the work he delivered, I will definitively recommend him and work with him again !!