Bass Tracks (electric, upright, synth) for $75

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Mat Maxwell

Bass Tracks (electric, upright, synth) for $75

I've played and recorded with artists ranging from Blake Shelton to the Queen of Rockabilly, latin bands, and even avant-garde jazz pioneers. Having worked in a breadth of different genres I've learned the true function of bass and also how to push those boundaries. Tracking credits include countless studios and bass tracks from home for many years.

Your session is important to me. Your goals in terms of feel, tone, and note-selection are paramount. I use top-tier instruments, gear, and I hold a degree in commercial music/audio technology.


Wanda Jackson (Rock & Roll HOF inductee)
Blake Shelton
Luis Enrique Becerra (Ruben Blades)
Lauren Alaina (Universal, ACM & CMA Awards)
Chris Combs (Combsy, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey)
Willyecho (NBC’s Songland)
John Rich (Big & Rich)
Alfredo Hidrovo (Panama latin/jazz)
Ricochet (Columbia Records, Gold: Self Titled)
The Swon Brothers (Sony, The Voice)
Aaron Nigel Smith (PBS)


1966 Fender Precision
American Fender Jazz (4 & 5)
American Fender Precision
Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray
Eastman 605 Upright
Ear Trumpet Labs "Nadine" (upright bass mic)
Novation Bass Station II
Various Soft-Synths (Moog, 808, etc.)
Noble Tube Preamp
1176 Compressor
Apogee Duet
Various Pedals (MXR, SansAmp, etc.)

Rate is per track. Feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have. I am super flexible and look forward to helping you bring your song(s) to life!

P Bass Slap

Original Jam
  • P Bass Slap
  • Synth Bass (mp3)
  • Rock
  • Modern Country
  • Upright

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