Bass Tracks (Electric, Upright, and Synth) for $85

In Bass 100% Guarantee By josephrdickey

Bass Tracks (Electric, Upright, and Synth) for $85

I will provide professional quality recorded bass tracks for your project from my home studio in Nashville, TN. My services include electric bass, upright bass (plucked and bowed), and synth bass. I deliver tracks as 24bit WAV files that are fully comped, edited, and ready to be imported into your audio project. One round of edits and revisions is included in my track price.

My basses include a Fender Jazz (5-string), a Fender Jaguar (P and J pickups), a Harmony H-22 (hollowbody), an 1890's fully carved French upright bass, and a Moog Minitaur.

10 Reviews

  1. Review By: docjazz Apr 3, 2019

    Thanks so much Joe! Not only was that done really fast, it was great as well and suited my needs very well.
    Great, I will definitely back next time I need a bassist!

  2. Review By: Bluggsyd Mar 5, 2019

    Joe is a great bassist who can play in multiple styles. He really understood the tone and mood I was going for in a track, which is a hard thing to explain. I definitely plan on reaching out to him for future projects. Thanks Joe!

  3. Review By: Luoma Jul 23, 2018


  4. Review By: Luoma Jun 29, 2018

    Great as always

  5. Review By: Luoma May 18, 2018

    Great as always

  6. Review By: Luoma Apr 25, 2018

    fast and dead on.

  7. Review By: Luoma Apr 23, 2018

    Excellent. Nailed it.

  8. Review By: toly Dec 11, 2016

    good job thanks !!! I am sending you more track !!!