Bass Guitar -Fretless or Fretted 1 track or 10 minutes of music for $14

In Bass 100% Guarantee By D. Plush

Bass Guitar -Fretless or Fretted 1 track or 10 minutes of music for $14

Friendly, and fast!! High quality, groovy bass lines to support your music and make it the best it can be.
A single track(up to 5 minutes) for 25 dollars. I specialize in rock, Funk/RnB, and bluegrass/country, but am capable of playing in most any style, with multiple techniques, including: fingerstyle, slap, pick, and muted. I can also produce synth bass for you with a plethora of options available from Native Komplete. I can work from sheet music or by ear, and have a killer feel for groove and time, and am capable of playing in any time signature. I am flexible and patient, and will work on your song in the way YOU want. I am here to serve, not dictate or judge your work flow or art. In depth and responsive during discussion , I do my best to find out what the customer desires for their bass track. Or, if you are more hands off, I can make the right calls to add the best bass part to your song possible. I play both 4 and 5 string, high quality basses from Warwick and Fender, including a fretless Jazz bass, and record with Logic Pro, using Native Komplete and Waves for effects and production. I can produce and mix your bass part or provide a raw bass guitar track for you to tweak as your desire. Message me if you are interested in hiring me or have questions about my service!

Take Me Away - Burning Bush

  • Take Me Away - Burning Bush
  • Again This Time - Kyle Comeau
  • Train Station - Mel Rising (Airgigs client)
  • Morena - Bill Boyan (Airgigs client)

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