Professional service from experienced session player for $49

In Bass 100% Guarantee By engels

Professional service from experienced session player for $49

30 years of experience, wide variety of styles, good sound and dozens of satisfied clients worldwide. Need more? Read on.

There are hundreds of bassists you can hire, so I will specify what's different with me.

Playing vivid grooves is my talent. Bringing energy to a song is what I'm good at. If you want to pump it up and add more drive and excitement to your tracks - give me a chance and you'll be surprised. If you don't trust me just read my feedback.

I can basically work in every genre. Played pop, rock, world, fusion, funk, metal and ethnic music.

Gear: My bass is 40s annivessary (1995) Fender Jazz '62 reissue. It sounds unbelievable, and that is the reason I have only one bass. No fretless, upright, acoustic etc. - just one electric bass, but I still have to find one that sounds better. Of course, that means if you need a fretless or upright bass line - look elsewhere.

I prefer recording direct. If needed, a miked amplifier track can be added. I have an inventory of tube amps that I usually mic with AKG D-112. I needed, with all the pedals I can get almost every possible sound, from dubstep howls to Les Claypool's whacky slap. Just tell me what you want and you'll get it.

Techniques: fingerstyle, slap, pick, tapping.
Styles: Pop, Rock, Funk, Fusion, World and the list goes on.

What you get: I record direct and amplified signals, you receive two WAV files for each take. There might be multiple takes if needed or if I'm not sure which type of bass line you prefer. Out of two files one is direct (for possible reamping, adding sub-low end to the mix etc.) and one from amplifier. I record in 24bit44.1kHz mono format, if you want higher resolution tell me before I record so I'd change the recording settings.

SHOOM - Harvest Dance

Armenian folk tune. This is one of my real world bands, we are a trio - bass, drums and duduk. Check out our latest release at
  • SHOOM - Harvest Dance
  • Silhouette
  • Annunaki Theory by Behind the Scenes
  • You never loved me
  • A rejected session with Ludovic Le Squier

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  1. Review By: Manchild22 Jun 23, 2019


  2. Review By: EricZee Jun 6, 2019

    Thank you my Friend, great work as usual and will be back for more. What a pleasure working with you.

  3. Review By: Lautrec Jun 4, 2019

    Engels succeeded in creating exactly what I was looking for, and was very prompt and professional with all his responses. Would highly recommend his artwork to others!

  4. Review By: EricZee Jun 2, 2019

    Brilliant! dont look any further than Engels, he knows his craft and thank you my Friend. Will come back for more! Stay Blessed.

  5. Review By: dmazone May 8, 2019

    Super professional.... great communicator and very meticulous about details which results in Engel delivering superior products that are second to none! Will most definitely do work with him again in the future.

  6. Review By: mikrucio Apr 15, 2019

    Last job! Thank you very much, A+

  7. Review By: mikrucio Mar 20, 2019

    Fantastic! Too good job!

  8. Review By: oxanaeliahu Mar 7, 2019

    Very good! Thank you Angels for your wonderful work!

  9. Review By: mikrucio Mar 4, 2019

    Legendary! Once again Sergey is my goto Bassist!

  10. Review By: corinnenm Feb 19, 2019

    Really an amazing guy and was very quick and responsive. He got back to me with the revisions I requested quickly. He is skilled and talented and I am really happy with his contributions to my songs. :) Would definitely recommend!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  11. Review By: mikrucio Feb 14, 2019

    Great and so fast! man o man, keep em coming

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  12. Review By: lordbolt Mar 10, 2018

    Perfect Guitar track. Thanks.

  13. Review By: Manchild22 Feb 26, 2018

    Awesome job!

  14. Review By: mikeclay Oct 16, 2017

    Nice job & I look forward to working with you again ..

  15. Review By: Manchild22 Oct 8, 2017

    Thanks...great stuff!

  16. Review By: Manchild22 Jul 15, 2017's perfect. Thanks!

  17. Review By: Manchild22 Jul 9, 2017

    Also perfect! Thanks!!!

  18. Review By: Manchild22 Jul 5, 2017

    Awesome job! Sounds great. I like both mixes too...tough to pick!

  19. Review By: Manchild22 Jun 25, 2017

    Great stuff! Thanks!

  20. Review By: Manchild22 Jun 24, 2017

    It's awesome. Thanks!!!

  21. Review By: Qashmar Jan 5, 2017

    Brilliant, real pro with every thing there is, can't ask for more.
    i will be using Engels for every project of mine.

  22. Review By: mikrucio Aug 11, 2016

    Another Fantastic bass thank you so much,

  23. Review By: mikrucio Aug 4, 2016

    Sergey Is a TOP bloke. always strives to get what you need!
    thanks again buddy.

  24. Review By: mikrucio Jul 27, 2016

    Thanks again! great bloke. does what you say when you need, other times does something improv
    which is great!

  25. Review By: mikrucio Jul 27, 2016

    Thanks mate! Great work. Great improvisor!
    Also listens well. Sergey is a good bloke!