Pro Bass Guitar Recording Fretted or Fretless for $30

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Will Finch

Pro Bass Guitar Recording Fretted or Fretless for $30

I have been playing bass for the past 15 years and am experienced in a variety of musical genres. I have played a range of venues large and small and have recorded on a number of tracks in various bands. Please check out my soundcloud embedded on this page for some recent collaborations and examples of some projects I am working or have worked on. You can also visit my website

I will use my fretted or fretless jazz basses or fretted precision to record on your songs. The recordings will be of high quality with headroom and I have access to most effects that may be needed to put the finishing touches on your song if it needs it. A macbook with logic pro will be my go to computer and software with a high quality apogee interface to record into, of course mic'd amps and amp sims (or a combination of all) can be used to get the sound you desire for your track.

I am interested in getting the job right for you and will take on board any instructions that you have, if the first take isn't quite what you thought then I we revise until you are happy.

I aim to get a recording back to you as quickly as possible, within 7 days but usually quicker.

I look forward to collaborating with you!

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