Rock bass track for your song for $45

In Bass 100% Guarantee By David Olson

Rock bass track for your song for $45

I will create a quality authentic rock bass line or play a part that you already have written for your song up to 5 minutes in length. If longer we can work something out.. My strong points are classic rock, blues rock, hard rock and classic heavy metal but am also capable of laying down a good pop or reggae track. I will use a Fender PJ style bass through a SansAmp bass DI into Reaper. I can play pick or finger style, use flat wound or round wound strings and can give you distorted or clean DI tones and everything in between,

  • Rock
  • Hard Rock
  • Blues
  • Punk
  • Reggae

Hard Rock pick style

  • Hard Rock pick style
  • Rock Demo finger style

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