SPECIAL CoViD Price! Electric bass from New York session pro Jazz, Rock, Folk, Pop for $50

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Craig Akin

SPECIAL CoViD Price! Electric bass from New York session pro Jazz, Rock, Folk, Pop for $50

Welcome! If you need a great electric bass part for your song or project you’ve come to the right place. I can sit back in the pocket or play busy on top, whatever your song needs. I can play very simple if you want or more melodic parts. I play with fingers, thumb, or pick just depending on what services the music best.
I've performed over 4,500 gigs and have over two decades of jazz experience and therefore have the ability to think outside the box. Improvising solos and melodic bass parts come natural for me. I also have extensive experience with rock, pop, soul, Latin jazz, motown, r&b, funk, folk, bluegrass, country, and Americana.
I have great music reading skills so feel free to send me your music. Don’t have sheet music? No problem. I can figure it out quickly, sheet music just speeds up the process.
I normally have quick turnaround time however am on the road touring quite a bit too so just let me know how quick you need the project and I can let you know. I normally provide three takes for you to choose from or comp together. Please ask any questions I’ll respond quickly!
My home gear includes Universal Audio Apollo interface, Logic 9, MacBook Pro.
I have some basses I think cover just about any kind of music:

Fender Precision bass ’73 with flatwounds
modern active Fender Jazz bass 5 string
Harmony H22 hollowbody ’67
Fender fretless P bass
Fender Mustang short scale

Fretless Fender P bass

Bach 2 part Invention
  • Fretless Fender P bass
  • modern Fender Jazz 5 string
  • 1973 Fender P bass sample
  • Fretless Fender P bass

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