Will bring your song to life with an amazing bass line for $50

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Fidias Gerardo Torres Ramirez

Will bring your song to life with an amazing bass line for $50

My name is Fidias Torres I have been a bass player since 2004, I'm a Venezuelan currently, I'm living in Spain, will record and create amazing bass lines for your projects, have an amazing setup that helps me achieve the right sound for the song, we can work on every detail so the customer leaves happy with the recordings if you have any question please contact me!

Moth into Flame - Metallica

Dream Theater - Panic Attack ( Bass Cover)

Wynona's Big Brown Beaver (Bass Cover)

Palms Read - Protest The Hero (Bass Cover)

Dream Theater - In The Name Of God(split cam cover)

Stevie Wonder - Sir Duke Bass Cover

I will record bass on your track(s) for $50.

The Basses that I use are:

Yamaha RBX JM2 (John Myung Signature)
Fender Jazz Bass
Washburn XB 100
Peavey Cirrus
Electroacoustic Bass


Peavey Valve-king (Tho it is an electric guitar amplifier I use this one to give texture on the recordings)
Laney RB3


I use a Hartke bass ATK, electro harmonix big muff, digitech multi chorus, Dunlop Bass Wah among others

Strings: I mainly use D'Addario Strings and RE strings

Preamplification: alongside as a musician I'm also an Achieved audio engineer, I use DBX compression, Bluetube pre amplification into Focusrite Interface, I record in Pro tools 12.

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