Pro bass player - Electric bass and double bass - Top Quality Sound 2 different options +Bass Chart - 5 star reviews for $50

In Bass By Meli D

Pro bass player - Electric bass and double bass - Top Quality Sound 2 different options +Bass Chart - 5 star reviews for $50

Professional, versatile and "in the pocket" bassist at your service!

Hi there! I'm Melisa and I will create an amazing bass line for your song.

"My go-to bass player who always brings her tasteful best tones."
"Always fast and perfect. Great work and great communication! Thank you!"

With over 20 years of experience playing live, recording and teaching, I'm now a full time dedicated musician. I love playing and I love creating bass lines. Groovy lines with a deep bass sound and great note definition are what drives me.

---------- The genres I've recorded ----------
Rock Indie Pop Jazz R&B Punk Grunge Funk Songwriter Folk Brazilian Bossa Nova Hardcore Melodic Latin
I'm open to record any musical genre! Just ask!

---------- The I play ----------
On electric bass:
Finger-style, Pick, Slap

On Upright bass:
Pizzicato, bow (though I'm not a classical player I can play with the bow, but just check with me first).

You can check out some of my work here:

My main goal is that the client is 100% satisfied with the bass track, I can create a bass line but also I'm always open to any indication or suggestion that the client may have.

I can record processed bass tracks or a dry bass signal, using just a DI box

----------What you get when you book my gig----------

- Top quality bass tracks (.wav files), two of them, each with a different approach of your song.
- I'll gladly do up to 10 revisions to make sure you are happy with the bass track.
- A PDF music transcription of one of the lines played (can include tablature if needed) made with Sibelius.
- Up to 360 seconds.
- Includes bass solo if needed.

Would you like me to record a video of me playing?
No problem! For an extra fee I can make an 1080p HD 60 cps video.


- Extra time (more than 360 seconds) From 1 to 60 extra seconds add $5. From 61 to 120extra seconds add $10 (and so on).
- Video add $15
- Express 24 hours add $20
- Express 48 hours add $15

If you want me to record a bass cover or a pre existent bass line please let me know before booking my gig, it might have an extra cost.

  • Punk
  • Rock
  • Funk

Kiss - Prince

Recording of professional rehearsal, the song is a Prince cover, Kiss. You can hear my spector 5 string bass.
  • Kiss - Prince
  • Double Bass Sample
  • sample 1 Man Di1
  • sample 1 Mas Dib
  • sample 1 Pres Mb
  • sample 2 Man DI4
  • sample 2 Pres Ag 1
  • sample 2 Pres Di1

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