Accurate BASS transcriptions TABS, MIDI, Music notation starting at $25 for $25

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Accurate BASS transcriptions TABS, MIDI, Music notation starting at $25 for $25

Fast and accurate bass transcriptions with special attention to details

Mel here, at your service to provide great bass transcriptions that will help you learn that bass line you've always loved or bring your original bass line to the music notation world.

What you get with this gig
PDF format file with the transcription of the song required, bass staff + tabs.
Midi and audio file of the transcription.
Play along video.
Extra format file that in case you need it: .sib or .xml.

I'm professional musician with over 15 years of experience, playing live, recording and teaching. Transcribing bass lines has always been present in my musical journey wether it is transcribing a bass line to record or to teach to a student or to make a YouTube video.

I'm open to any genre, rock, pop, funk (finger style and slap), latin, jazz, blues, ska, punk, reggae and anything in between.

IMPORTANT: Always contact me before ordering because depending on the length and complexity of your song the price is different.

Simple song from 1 to 180 seconds $25
Intermedium song from 1 to 180 seconds $40
Complex song (such as solos) from 1 to 180 seconds $60

Please check out all the FAQ for further information about this gig, like extras and others.


I only need a part of the song?
If you only need a part of the song, depending on the length and complexity I can send you a special offer.

Can you transcribe a bass solo?
­Yes, I can, you'll have to check with me before placing the order so I can send you the proper price.

What software do you use for the transcriptions?
I use Sibelius, I can export Music xml files so you can open the transcription with any music notation software.

What's a complex song?
Many things can make a song complex, the quality of the audio (if the bass is hard to hear) or a song where the bass line never repeats itself, basically anything that will take more time to transcribe. Send me the song you want and I'll let you know.

Can you make a video of yourself playing the song?
Yes I can, I make HQ videos or 4K videos, you'll find on the extras different options for the video, one camera, two cameras, with tabs included, etc.

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  • Pop

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