2023 End of Year Mixing Special Full Stems For Reasonable Amount Of Track for $200

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2023 End of Year Mixing Special Full Stems For Reasonable Amount Of Track for $200

I'm thrilled to introduce my Year-End $200 Full Stem Mixing Special.

Why Choose Me? Because:

- With over a decade of experience, I'm an accomplished Audio Engineer. I can mix full stem songs and make your vocals shine.
- I'm proficient in industry-standard software like Pro Tools, Logic, and Ableton.
- I'm completinh an advanced audio engineering degree at the renowned Omega School of Recording Arts, where Young Guru (Jay-Z's head engineer) and Pete Novak (who mixed Grammy-winning Outkast's album "Speakerboxxx/The Love Below") graduated from.
- Skilled in mixing both digital and analog gear, operating equipment like SSL J9000, Neve VR60, physical dynamic processors like the LA-2, LA-4, the amazing Pultec EQ, and many more. I'm also trained to use an API 2488.
- I've worked with artists worldwide across over 6 genres, ensuring a global standard of quality.
- Fluent in French and English for seamless communication.
- Focused on delivering high-quality mixes for full stems, providing different pricing options for varying track counts.
- Collaborative and dedicated to enhancing your music's sonic identity.

You Can Expect:

- A meticulously crafted mix for your full stems, elevating every aspect of your music to perfection.
- Up to Two Rounds of Revisions: Ensuring your vision comes to life.

Contact me today to book your slot and give your music the quality it deserves! Let's make your music sound its best!

  • Hip Hop
  • Neo soul
  • Gospel
  • Rock
  • Pop
  • R&B

Ya Minko - Skedaddle

Afrohouse, Pop, Rap
  • Ya Minko - Skedaddle
  • Sabrina K - Atmosphere Of You
  • Collin Pray - Rasta Praise
  • Raven Jones - My Baby
  • AbFad - Coco
  • Shu Shotta - Right Now

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