High-Quality Erhu Recorings for $75

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High-Quality Erhu Recorings for $75

Are you looking to add the soulful and captivating sound of the Erhu to your recording or upload a high-quality track to Spotify, but missing that special Erhu sound? Fret not! I can help you out. As a qualified award winning artiste with years of experience with the Erhu, I can provide you with the Erhu sound that you are searching for.

Whether you have a score or just a song title, I can record it for you in no time! I can play melodies by ear too, so don't worry if you don't have a score. I can handle all genres - including blues, traditional, pop, and even prayer music. Name what you need, and I will make it happen. If you have any special requests, don't hesitate to chat with me now.

Your music will be played by me in person based on your request and recorded using high-quality condenser microphones in my studio. I can guarantee that the audio quality of what I can produce will not disappoint. With the China Central Conservatory Erhu Diploma and multiple national awards under my belt since the age of 9, I have a wide range of repertoire and have played many technically challenging pieces. So, feel free to send me the scores via the chat now, and I will be able to play it for you in no time.

Getting the Erhu sound you need will never be easier. You can either send me a music score, a MIDI Sibelius generated music with a click track, or any music sample sounds. Or better yet, send them all! I will get you the perfect recording in no time. So let's chat and get started now!

My rates are $75 for a 60-second recording.

  • Blues
  • Classical
  • Gospel
  • Lounge
  • Opera
  • Soul

Chusong audio

This piece is composed by composer Li Bo Chan, depicting scenes of romance and war.
  • Chusong audio

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