Song Production Consultation for $25

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Song Production Consultation for $25

Hello creative collaborator! I'm WesKey, a Billboard charting record producer and composer. First and foremost, I see myself as a listener. My ear is what gives me the advantage and allows me to identify a song's core vibe and then build production elements that reflect that vibe. That's the WesKey!
If you are feeling unsure about your song or production in its current state and don't know where to take it next, I can help you. I will listen to your song 3 times all the way through--or as long as it takes me to sit with it fully--and identify key areas where I think the song could be improved or further developed. I listen for elements in the writing, composition, arrangement, production, and mix, and report back to you on any/all relevant areas.
Once I've done that, I'll meet with you for a 20-minute video or audio chat to share my findings. I will also send you my written thoughts at the end of the meeting so you can reference back to them in the future.

  • Hip Hop
  • Latin
  • Neo soul
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Soul

'benny' by Jahmena

Composed, Produced, Mixed by me
  • 'benny' by Jahmena
  • 'sunshine' by Jahmena
  • 'Tu Caballero' by WesKey
  • 'Pain' by Peri Jon

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