Learn how to make music your business. Grow your fanbase and your budget. for $100

In Consultations 100% Guarantee By Russ Kettle

Learn how to make music your business. Grow your fanbase and your budget. for $100

Think you need a manager? Are you sure you have something to manage is the real question you should be asking yourself. I have spent many years working in the music industry as an artist, manager, producer and have developed a system to help young artists learn how to monetize their music career. More importantly how to grow your fan-base.

Each session is 2 hours, over a web chat where I will give you the tools and the knowledge to help you develop into a profitable artist. Together we will build a game plan that is customized to you.

Learn about direct to fan marketing strategies, how to build and facilitate merchandising, publishing and licensing, how to get your songs on the radio, using media to build fans, and how to monetize those fans. Learn how to properly crate budgets for recording, touring and marketing.

Most importantly I will help you set up your business for success. Learn about the legal pitfalls many young artists run into and some very simple things can save you time and money down the road.

I offer a full money back guarantee that if you do not walk away from our session empowered and feeling ready for success you will get every penny back. I know time is money but knowledge is wealth.

I guarantee this will be the best $100 you've ever spent. No more excuses, now is the time to gain the knowledge that will take you from dreamer to chart topper.

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