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Kombistudio Livestream

Are you hosting a virtual event, or a zoom party?
Maybe you want to connect different parties into a bigger one, virtually.
Or you want to gift someone with a virtual concert and share the experience with friends, relatives, your team, or any person you can think of around the world...

People are still starting to understand the potential of live stream meetings and events, and, as always, where this will take us will depend on our creativity. So if you have some good virtual ideas, contact me and I can create the perfect atmosphere for you and everyone in your live stream event.

A Kombistudio Livestream is not just me streaming from my iPhone in my room (if that's what you are looking for, check out my other services). This is a full live stream experience with studio sound and high definition video broadcasted directly from the live streaming studio I created in my VW Kombi Van.

(Don´t forget to look at the video linked to this project)

This virtual concert is a fusion of the rhythms that influenced my musical path, from rock/blues classics (such as The Doors, Janis Joplin, CCR, Rolling Stones, Beatles, BB King) to Latin American music (covering artists like Caetano Veloso, Los Mirlos, Mercedes Sosa), performed in a unique way of mixing up everything to deliver a new original sound. A foreign and yet familiar sound, a multicultural experience.

What I enjoy the most about playing is to focus on creating atmospheres. Dancing with cumbia, relaxing with bossa nova, or rocking your living-room with some Zeppelin tunes, it all depends on how that specific group is vibrating that night.

WHAT YOU GET booking a Kombistudio Livestream:

1. Up to one hour of live-looping show.

2. I can read a message, surprise some of your guests with an important announcement, talk about my lifestyle and music career (check out my Airgigs BIO!), or just play music non-stop for one hour. I speak (and sing in) English, Spanish and Portuguese.

3. With the live streaming software I use, I can include your company´s logo on the corner of my video, or any image or phrase you would like to highlight on your event (for example, a PNG cake logo with the name of the birthday person on it).

Don’t forget to watch the whole promotional video! (It´s only 3 minutes long, and it’s got many songs)

Look forward to meeting you virtually :)
Benjamin Mora.

Kombistudio Livestream 2 - Benjamin Mora

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