Professional Analog Mixing **1/2 off** for $150

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Professional Analog Mixing **1/2 off** for $150

Mixing price includes professional mixing for up to 36 stems. 36+ stems will result in a price increase of $50 for every 20 stems added. This service will also ensure up to 2 sessions of changes and revisions based on communication between the mixing engineer and client. If you are still not satisfied, we will make further revisions based on your needs and wants.

An important characteristic of our mixes is the purpose behind them. After a song has been mixed, it inevitably sounds more substantiated and more convincing. This comes from ensuring that every individual part is there because it needs to be there. This also comes from our use of ‘automation’ - one of the most underrated, misused and misunderstood techniques available. Automation, when utilized correctly, will propel the mix and ultimately bring it to life.

We run everything through a high-end Focusrite Liquid Channel pre-amp as well as Pro Tools HD with all UAD and Waves plugins so your audio will be the highest of quality. Once we get to mixing the project, everything will be mixed through the same MCI 536 C mixing console that many legendary artist have recorded with. (Al Green, John Mayer, Bobby Rush, Tina Turner, Rod Stewart, Keith Richards, Robert Plant, etc.) You will have a warm vintage sound with a clear modern feel.

This limited time offer is on a per song basis. Please order the services based on the number of songs that need to be mixed.

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