A thick, punchy, dynamic mix for $150

In Mixing 100% Guarantee By Matt Glick

A thick, punchy, dynamic mix for $150

My specialty lies in taking anemic, or poorly recorded tracks, and working my magic on them. Piece by piece, I build a dense, but punchy mix. I use any combination of plugins and outboard analog gear that is necessary.

My studio revolves around pristine Antelope Audio conversion, a vintage analog mixing console, and tons of unique outboard gear. Vibe and character are everything to me, and this is what I will strive to either attain, or translate, in your mix.

I require unprocessed stems/tracks (up to 60 tracks of audio,) to mix your song. If you’re not sure what this means, please contact me first. All vocal comps/tuning and drum editing, or other things of that nature (unless reasonable) should be executed before sending me the files.

Any session notes, rough mixes, ideas, special requests, etc. should be discussed and/or forwarded to me, along with your files.

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