Online Mixing for $150

In Mixing By Jesús Ortega Ochoa

Online Mixing for $150

How I will approach Your Mix:

- Perceptive and intentional listening session to 'catch' the strengths and weaknesses of your song
- Proper gain staging for maximum headroom and clarity
- EQ to clean tracks and help them to sit nicely on their own place within the mix
- Musical and tasteful compression to give punchy drums, as well as energy and balance to all the mix
- Creative touches of reverb, delay, and other effects to enhance musicality

What is NOT being worked on your Mix:

- Pitch correction
- Drum editing/tightening
- Comping of multiple takes
- No editing at all.

*Please be sure your tracks are edited and ready to go before sending them to me.

I mix totally "in the box" (just plugins - no outboard compression). Currently I'm using Pro Tools 11, Pro Tools 10 and Studio One 2. Don’t worry if your mixes were done in some other DAW, I can import your wave or aiff files straight into one of my DAWs.

Standard Mixing Price – $150/song – Up to two revisions | Delivery of high quality wave and MP3s

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