REAL, PROFESSIONAL R & B, urban, Gospel, and Hip Hop Mixing/Mastering for $325

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REAL, PROFESSIONAL R & B, urban, Gospel, and Hip Hop Mixing/Mastering for $325

I make records... not crispy-sounding demos, but REAL RECORDS. I pride myself on first understanding YOUR vision- That's why i ask A LOT of questions when I first get your files. Once I have a good understand of what YOU are looking for, and exactly WHO you are trying to reach with your music, I can put MY thang on it and deliver astounding results. This is about YOU and YOUR music, and it is MY job to assist in that process. I mix within Protools 12 (but can convert your Logic files if needed), and have plugins from Waves, Slate, Avid, most of the big companies and a few slept-on gems! I use MULTIPLE monitors to ensure your music translates from iPod, to computer speakers, to bumping' in the club, or poundin' the trunk.
It dosen't matter how many tracks you have, I've done live recordings of almost 120 track with no problems, and I'm not going to nickel and dime you to death with fees and charges:
$250 bucks will get your song mixed regardless of the number of tracks.
I will do LIGHT vocal tuning for free- (but there MUST be a detailed discussion regarding style here and what you expect out of vocal tuning)
I will master the track(s) I've mixed for no additional charge.
That's it... no gimmick, no catches, just REAL RECORDS for a fair price

  • R&B
  • Soul
  • Funk
  • Gospel
  • Hip Hop


contemporary R&B
  • Promises-R&B
  • Take Your Burdens-live gospel choir recording
  • We are One-live CCM/Praise and Worship
  • Po' it Up-contemporary R&B/rap/soul

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