Pro level Mix and Master for your song for $150

In Mixing By Simone Sighinolfi

Pro level Mix and Master for your song for $150

Hello, I am a mixing/ mastering engineer with 15 years of studio experience and more than 100 published records under my belt.
From modern metal to EDM, from trap to pop anthems, I will mix and master your song to make it stand out from the crowd! Punch, clarity, deepness, and a wall of sound: this is what i promise. Check out my portfolio.

Included services:
Reamping for guitars and bass (you need to provide direct line recordings)
Drum replacing or drum agumenting with samples (if needed)
Basic/quick editing

Additional services (not included/must be purchased separately):
Intensive drum/track editing
Vocal tuning
Post production/arranging/musicians/...

Dirgie Within - Memories

I did Mix and Mastering in this production.
  • Dirgie Within - Memories

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