Professional Mixing and Mastering for $120

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Professional Mixing and Mastering for $120

La Source Studio is a professional recording studio located in Grasse, France and is owned and operated by Nick Dawes. Some of my credits include Rod Stewart, Deep Purple, Blue Öyster Cult, Mad Stuntman, Universal Pictures, Capitol Records, London Records etc

With 10 years of experience, I can guarantee an excellent level of quality that can elevate your music to the next level . I specialize in all genres of music and always strive to serve the song.

The studio features a 24 Track Allen & Heath GRSM console for analog mixdown with Pro Tools and Cubase I also have great range of new and vintage outboard equipment.

The main highlights are Neve and SSL EQ’s and DBX compressors. Many classic effects units including the Lexicon PCM 70 and rare vintage units from Timeworks, Drawmer etc.
My studio is acoustically treated with great monitoring options. SE Egg150, Yamaha NS10 and Urei 809 main monitors.

Reference tracks are always helpful! If there is an artist or track you like then lease let me know and I can make general comparisons to make sure were on the right track.
Mastering will be applied, free of charge with purchase of mixing.
I will create a High Quality and Creative Mix of your song, adding clarity, presence and punch while maintaining the dynamics of your recording, making your track sound by Industry Standards and take on a life on its own.
All individual Audio Stems of your project, already edited, time and pitch fixed and disable any effects (Compressor, Limiter, etc) on all the tracks.

Notes: Unlimited Revisions
No maximum track count
Pro Tools and Cubase sessions Accepted
Please have ALL editing completed and consolidate your tracks
If you have any question or special request, feel free to contact me.

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