Pro mixing and mastering for $80

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Pro mixing and mastering for $80

I'm a musician who has been almost all his life working with DAW's and right now,I'm using Pro Tools.I work everyday writing,recording,mixing and producing,so if you want to get a pro mix of your songs and a basic master to get them to the next level,please,contact me.I take four days to consider my job done,I need to refresh my ears and listen carefully in many equipments and at different moments through the day.Any style is welcome.

What you get with my service:
- 3 revision
- Pro Mix 24bit 44k Wav
- Basic Mastering
- High quality Mp3

f you are not satisfied I'll give your money back,but I'm sure that we will not reach that point.

Thank you for having a look and feel free to contact me with any question.

Mix of many styles

  • Mix of many styles

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