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With over 10 years of professional experience in music production, mixing/mastering, and beatmaking, I have had the privilege of working with numerous artists and producers, contributing to the creation and enhancement of their unique sound.

Specializing in complex electronic music and EDM, I have garnered over 10 million streams across various streaming platforms. However, my versatility extends beyond these genres, as I have also worked as a ghost producer and composer, delving into diverse sounds and genres, including orchestral music.

As a producer, composer, or singer, your ultimate goal is to have your music sound pristine on all sound systems, with a well-balanced dynamic range and optimal loudness. Fortunately, you've arrived at the right spot, I've got you covered!

I will ensure that your tracks receive the attention they deserve, utilizing top-notch industry-standard equipment and techniques. With my expertise, I will refine your mix, enhancing the clarity, depth, and overall impact of your music.

For audio processing I use the Melda, Waves and Fabfilter Pro softwares to achieve the best sound quality.

Here is how you can benefit from my service and the extra value I can provide:
➤ Video call to discuss your project and get a sound that reflects your vision
➤ Fast response and mix ready on time
➤ Track adjustments and co-production to help you make your track perfect before the final mixing/mastering (for an additional fee)
➤ Stems and recording of the mixing process available on request for an additional fee
➤ Vocal tuning on request for an additional fee
➤ Mixing of your song with up to 20 stem tracks, over 20 tracks costs 25$ every 5 tracks.

I take immense pride in delivering professional results that align perfectly with your unique artistic vision. To ensure a thorough understanding of your project, please reach out to me through my inbox before placing your order.

Looking forward to collaborate with you on your next hit!

Calvin Wassup - To The Top (Prod. Tryple)

I produced the instrumental beat + mixing & mastering
  • Calvin Wassup - To The Top (Prod. Tryple)
  • Restaurant Adv
  • Dynamic Mixing/Mastering for client

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