Industry Quality Digital Mixing and Mastering with Vocal Tuning for $250

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Industry Quality Digital Mixing and Mastering with Vocal Tuning for $250

Experience an exceptional digital mixing and mastering service for only $250, delivered by a highly acclaimed studio professional.

Unlock the full potential of your mixes. As a special bonus, I will provide you with a complimentary sample mix to showcase the quality of my work.

Choose my remarkable FULL INDUSTRY MIX AND MASTER package, which includes a FREE Master, valued at $750. With this comprehensive offering, all unwanted noise, breaths, and troublesome frequencies will be meticulously addressed. This includes manual vocal tuning, that is, PITCH AND TIME CORRECTION!

Rest assured that your mix and master will undergo meticulous processing using cutting-edge digital software and equipment, ensuring a top-notch digital sound experience.

Take a look at my recent engineering credits:

What's included in the "ADVANCED INDUSTRY MIX PACKAGE":

- Guaranteed radio-ready results!
- Perfectly optimized for Spotify/Apple Music distribution!
- FREE professional mastering.
- Receive acapella and instrumental versions of your track.
- Get both WAV and MP3 files of the final mix/master.
- Enjoy up to 50 audio stems for enhanced control.
- Benefit from FREE digital summing.
- Utilize FREE Pitch Correction & AutoTune!
- Experience advanced EQ techniques.
- Harness the power of advanced digital compression.
- Achieve impeccable de-essing for crystal-clear vocals.
- Implement advanced noise gating to eliminate unwanted artifacts.
- Gain precise control with advanced breath control techniques.
- Leverage the use of industry-standard plugins, including Waves, Sound Toys, Fresh Air, Izotope Ozone, FabFilter, and more

Reach out now to enjoy Top-notch mixing and mastering service!

  • World
  • Gospel
  • Soul
  • Trap
  • R&B
  • Rock

The Burnout Song

Mixdown and pitch and time correction
  • The Burnout Song
  • We Heroes
  • Breakfast
  • Flow Over Me
  • Stuck

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