Natural Sounding Vocal Tuning using Melodyne for $45

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Natural Sounding Vocal Tuning using Melodyne for $45

Hey! It's Mike. I'm an indie rock/indie pop/indie folk mix engineer who will take the challenge of tuning vocals to sound NATURAL, REALISTIC, and BEAUTIFUL. I work with Melodyne- a tried and true industry standard for pitch correction.

My price is for 3 vocal tracks on a song UNDER 4 minutes, 30 seconds. Say, a lead vocal and two backing vocals. If you have more tracks to be tuned or small overdubs here and there that fall outside of this framework, let's chat- I'm flexible.

How it works? Send me your DRY vocal track WAVs and I will get to work. Within three days (often less) I will send back the PRISTINE, TUNED dry VOCALS for you to throw back into your session and make history.

Listen to my audio examples of tracks I've mixed before (and of course tuned the vocals for) and if you like what you hear, let's create something beautiful together!

  • Hard Rock
  • Pop-Rock
  • Prog rock
  • Rock
  • Pop

Shapeshifter (Female singer/Twee Pop)

Twee Pop Female Voice
  • Shapeshifter (Female singer/Twee Pop)
  • Wine Witch (Indie Rock/Pop)
  • Patience (Indie/Dreamy)
  • Long Way (Indie Folk)

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