I will mix and master your indie, bedroom pop, ambient song for $15

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I will mix and master your indie, bedroom pop, ambient song for $15

***You will get free mix or master preview of your song before ordering.***

My name is Templer Mouse and I'm audio engineer and multisession guitarist.
I am available to be hired for Mix & Master alternative, indie, ambient and bedroom pop songs.

Please contact me before place an order

What I offer:
- Edit your stems
- Processing your stems with EQ, compression, saturator, reverbs, delays and particular effects that you indicate to me
- Best mix with the most advanced plugins (parallel compression, panning, stereo opening)
- Professional mastering ready for streaming service
- 5 free revisions included

What I deliver:
- a .wav and .mp3 of the final master
- Separated stems

SSL2 Audio Interface
KRK Rokit 5 monitor
DT990 Pro ear monitor
Audiotechnica At2020 mic
Apple M1
Ableton Live 10
Arturia Microfreak
Fender Jazzmaster american
Gibson Les Paul standard
Fender Squier Jazzmaster Custom
Taylor acoustic

Fav plugins: Fabfilter, Solid State, Logic, Arturia, Soundtoys, Waves, Spitfire, Soundtoys.

I am a guitarist and producer.
In over 20 years of career I recorded 3 EPs and 3 LPs as a guitarist with the band Il Terzo Istante (indie rock). I produced 3 songs for the band CALANTHA (Noise, Ambient).

  • Ambient
  • Folk
  • Pop-Rock
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Rock
  • Blues

CALANTHA - Capsula 24.46

I was the Songwriter, Producer, Mixing Engineer in this production
  • CALANTHA - Capsula 24.46
  • CALANTHA- Blackout 20.22
  • Alan Brain

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