High Quality Mixing and Master for $150

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High Quality Mixing and Master for $150

++ FREE TEST MIX!++ You have nothing to lose.
I can do a test mix of a section of your song. If you like, we can proceed to the full song.
And I think you will like!

When I'm mixing, my objective with each song is to give it an unique approach and extract the best results from your raw tracks. I'm not afraid of doing anything I can to improve your music. People usually like this proactive mindset, but If something I did doesn't make you happy, CMD+Z is just one click away!
I've been mixing for almost 20yrs and have worked with a lot of different genres.
I'm known for a good drum sound on my mixes and in fact I really love everything with drums, be it a Jazz song or a Rock one.

I have tons of clients happy worldwide and I would love to have more one :D

I have a huge experience in Cubase/Nuendo and Pro tools.

Currently Running Cubase Pro 10 and Pro Tools 2018 With most industry standard plugins available (Waves, Slate Digital, Sound Toys, Fab Filter...)

Pop/Rock DemoReel

This is one example of some of my Pop/Rock Mixes
  • Pop/Rock DemoReel
  • Pop Demo Reel
  • Jazz DemoReel

16 Reviews

  1. Review By: Ryanjakob26 Jul 15, 2019

    Thanks PG! Sounds great.

  2. Review By: BenjaminPotter Jul 11, 2019

    Such a great master - thank you so much :)

  3. Review By: gr3gcasalin0 May 10, 2019

    I LOVE this mix! Thank you so much PG. I'll be doing the re-sings for Mr. Painter in the next couple of days. Would you like me to send you another file in the meantime or would you rather wait for the new vocals?

    Again, great job. I'm so excited about this.


    - This review was for a custom proposal
  4. Review By: canetti1 May 8, 2019

    GREAT Mix and Master.
    I'm excited !!!

  5. Review By: Fredofrog May 7, 2019

    Paulo is a legend :-) Beside being a great mixing engineer he is also a great listener. Paulo is going an extra mile to finish the song the way his client wants it, and trust me, my request list was as long as my arm :-) Look forward to work with Paulo again soon.

  6. Review By: gr3gcasalin0 May 4, 2019

    Hey PG.

    This is the one! Fantastic work.

    Sorry I've been away, but today or tomorrow I'll go through another one of my recordings and then message you when I've uploaded the WAV files to Google.

    Let me know if that sounds good for you. Hope you're having a good weekend.


  7. Review By: jayjay20000 Apr 21, 2019

    wow what awesome sound you did a amazing Job man thanks a million will definitely do more songs with you

  8. Review By: redrebelmusic Apr 12, 2019

    Another great mix from Paulo! This guy is one of the best we've worked with.
    Quick, understands the direction we wish to take things and delivers on time, every time.
    A+ talent.

  9. Review By: Iros Apr 4, 2019

    Amazing sound! I am very glad that I worked with pgaudio! My next tracks I will give only to you !!! :)

  10. Review By: DanielDanbell Mar 19, 2019

    Absolutely Great Work!!! Happy to find Paulo!!! We defiantly will continue our collaboration !!!! Thank you again Paulo!!!

  11. Review By: redrebelmusic Feb 19, 2019

    Paulo was wonderful to work with... taking mix to next level. Very impressed with the result.
    He listened to what we needed and turned mix around quickly... wonderful communication from start to finish.
    Looking forward to working with you again, Paulo!!!
    A+ mixer.

  12. Review By: jcgurango Feb 3, 2019

    Great work!

  13. Review By: AndreiSkliarov Dec 30, 2018

    Perfect job, perfect communication! Thank you, Paulo!

  14. Review By: AndreiSkliarov Dec 28, 2018

    Another great job! Paulo will work until you will be happy with your song. Thank you so much, Paulo!

  15. Review By: AndreiSkliarov Dec 16, 2018

    It is a big pleasure to work with Paulo. Thank you so much!

  16. Review By: AndreiSkliarov Dec 15, 2018

    Paulo is a very talented sound engineer. I tried to mix my song with several airgiggers and I didn't like them. Paulo made my track perfect from the very first version. It doesn't matter how cool is your mixing console if you don't have ears. So I can highly recommend Paulo. Thanks, man!

  17. Review By: billium99 Oct 19, 2018

    Great job with some poorly recorded material. Sounds really good. Will definitely hire again!