High Quality Mixing and Master for $150

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High Quality Mixing and Master for $150

++ FREE TEST MIX!++ You have nothing to lose.
I can do a test mix of a section of your song. If you like, we can proceed to the full song.
And I think you will like!

When I'm mixing, my objective with each song is to give it an unique approach and extract the best results from your raw tracks. I'm not afraid of doing anything I can to improve your music. People usually like this proactive mindset, but If something I did doesn't make you happy, CMD+Z is just one click away!
I've been mixing for almost 20yrs and have worked with a lot of different genres.
I'm known for a good drum sound on my mixes and in fact I really love everything with drums, be it a Jazz song or a Rock one.

I have tons of clients happy worldwide and I would love to have more one :D

I have a huge experience in Cubase/Nuendo and Pro tools.

Currently Running Cubase Pro 10 and Pro Tools 2018 With most industry standard plugins available (Waves, Slate Digital, Sound Toys, Fab Filter...)

Pop Demo Reel

This is one example of some of my Pop Mixes
  • Pop Demo Reel
  • Pop/Rock DemoReel
  • Jazz DemoReel

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