Mixing for $75

In Mixing 100% Guarantee By Evan Sarkesian

Mixing for $75

I've worked on sessions for Aretha Franklin, Common, Deitrick Haddon, among others. I worked at one of the most well known recording studios in Michigan. Starting as an intern, then to an assistant engineer, and now I am doing things on my own.

As far as my process goes, I am trying to create something more than just a studio. I am trying to create something that's about people. The people inside the building, and not the building itself. It's about the music. It's about the feelings. Chasing that human element. I'm not trying to sell you on a service, i'm trying to sell you on an idea. To think on a more personal and creative plane. When i'm working with music, wether it be producing, mixing, recording or whatever, i'm focused more on the relationship with whoever i'm working with. Finding out what they really want.

I will take any amount of tracks. I like to pick and choose what to group.

There will be 4 chances for revisions. Hopefully it will only take one. Or none! I don't like people to feel like they're rushed though. Each case could be different.

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