Mixing with Editing and Vocal Adjustments for $360

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Mixing with Editing and Vocal Adjustments for $360

My sound typically tends towards clear, subtle, and somewhat saturated/warm, but I'm open to any ideas you might have if you have a good reference track. I've worked mostly with songwriters in the past, but again am open to trying anything.

I work in Logic X Pro with Melodyne and a variety of other plugins. I can do the following for average indie, folk, rock, contemporary christian, songwriter, and country tracks:

- Track Clean Up
- Vocal Gain Automation, De-Essing, and Melodyne Adjustments
- Tonal EQ for tracks to mesh together better across different frequency ranges.
- Serial and Parallel Compression
- Add Saturation
- Stereo Width
- Reverb, Delay, and Effects Sends and Automation
- Reference Master

NOTE: as needed and within reason, so please send me well recorded tracks for your benefit and mine! :) If there is too much I may create a custom gig for you.

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