MyZen Productions Mixing, Audio Editing, We also Master for $185

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MyZen Productions Mixing, Audio Editing, We also Master for $185

Hey, hey, My name is Chip. I'm a mix engineer with a decade-plus of experience. We mix Metal, Hard Rock, Pop, and Folk genres; the results are stellar. We are writers and arrangers who focus on the details of your track to capture the impact of your arrangement.

Our packages are designed to tailor to your budget. We invest quality time and offer results. You deserve a mix engineer who focuses on the mix's details, the song's arrangement, and the impact you want. Our job is to support the performances by speaking through your music.

Presets Created for your project - Your voice and art are unique- Why shouldn't your mix follow suit? We think so. After listening to your references, we build FX chains supporting the artist's performances.

Pitch Correction - We offer manual tuning in the mix rate!
Live Drum Alignment - Beat Detective, Manual alignment, and other quantizing software are built into our rates!

Mastering- Mastered to commercial loudness and consistency across different listening environments.

Turnaround - Your song will be delivered in the agreed delivery time. Our work is guaranteed.

  • Funk
  • Hard Rock
  • Folk
  • Metal
  • Prog rock
  • Pop-Rock

Find Your Love by Myzen

Recorded in Portugal, Finland, Japan and Ohio. Produced and Engineered at Myzen Productions. Mastered by Mike Indovina. Guitar: Chip Bramlage Drums: Hugo Ribeiro Bass: Jeff Curry Vocals: Otu Suurmunne
  • Find Your Love by Myzen
  • Falling Apart

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